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CleanSafe 100 Heavy-duty Cleaner & Degreaser

A Powerful Cleaner and Degreaser that Contains No Hazardous Ingredients

CleanSafe takes an entirely new approach to cleaning. Additive Technologies’ innovative chemistry provides a product that outperforms the leading national heavy-duty industrial cleaner in every type of cleaning job tested. CleanSafe does not contain caustics, acids, or volatile organic compounds such as d-limonene or terpenes. It is mild in terms of aggressiveness toward human tissue and has very low odor and vaporization levels, minimizing the problem of worker exposure to fumes. It is biodegradable and contains no ingredients regulated by DOT. No ingredients are CERCLA hazardous (40 CFR 302.4) or SARA toxic (40 CFR 372, subpart D), and unused CleanSafe would not be considered a hazardous waste (40 CFR 261, subparts C, D, Appendix VIII).

  • CleanSafe contains no caustics or acids.

  • CleanSafe contains no solvents, terpenes, or d-limonene.

  • CleanSafe contains no DOT- or EPA-regulated ingredients.

  • CleanSafe emulsifies oil and grease efficiently, then de-emulsifies in a relatively short period of time.

  • CleanSafe has multifunctional physical/chemical properties.

  • CleanSafe is fast acting and penetrating.

  • CleanSafe works well in spray on/off applications with little or no wiping, brushing or scraping (as on vehicles, walls, floors, etc.). It saves time due to its ability to act rapidly without physical assistance or many repeat applications.

Compare the CleanSafe MSDS with any other brand to convince yourself that CleanSafe doesn’t harm any materials commonly encountered, then test it to convince yourself of its cleaning superiority.

CleanSafe is a unique, versatile, multifunctional product that gets outstanding results on most types of tough cleaning chores. At full strength, CleanSafe is formulated with enough cleaning power to handle locomotives, coal hoppers, and roundhouse floors, but without the high alkaline or volatile organic content of popular national brands. Diluted, CleanSafe can handle most cleaning and degreasing applications.

The CleanSafe Formulation was originally developed, not surprisingly, as a cleaner for the railroad industry. Locomotives are very difficult to clean and the railroads had not found a product that would satisfactorily clean them in brushless locomotive washing facilities. Additive Technologies’ task was not only to develop a product that could clean locomotives, but also to make the product work with a spray-on, rinse-off, “touchless” washing technique and to make the product environmentally friendly. There were other requirements on the railroads’ list, including that the cleaner not dull paint and that it be cost competitive with currently used hazardous rated products which were less than effective. Finally we had a cleaner that performed extremely well at removing the difficult residue found on active locomotives, that was environmentally friendly and could be marketed at a reasonable cost.

Further testing indicated that CleanSafe would make an outstanding general purpose cleaner and degreaser. CleanSafe was tested on garage and warehouse floors, automobile engines, trucks, exhaust stacks, shower stalls, carpets, battery terminals, clothing, and many other applications. The results indicated that CleanSafe did a much better job than the leading brands on the market.

CleanSafe removes grease and oil without high alkalinity/pH, solvents, or any hazardous ingredients. Its proprietary blend of surfactants emulsifies oil and grease and then de-emulsifies –– releasing the oil and grease which float to the top of the water phase –– so that the oil and water can be treated or disposed of separately.

CleanSafe meets USDA authorization requirements and is biodegradable, non-abrasive, non-flammable, phosphate free, is not classified as a hazardous material, and is very low in volatile organic content.

A winterized version which depresses the freeze point is also available as CleanSafe 100 Winterized. Also see other CleanSafe products including CleanSafe X278 Super-Concentrate and the ready-to-use version CleanSafe 40.

Use Instructions
Heavy Degreasing: Full strength to 3:1 Heavy buildups of food-related oils/greases/animal fats; greasy/oily factory equipment; very dirty shop and garage floors; greasy factory equipment, grimy engines, oil delivery vehicles, very dirty shop floors, etc.
General Degreasing/Heavy Cleaning: 3:1 to 10:1 Trucks/trailers, machinery, shop floors/walls, construction equipment, parts cleaning, fiberglass boat hulls, decks, etc.
General Purpose Cleaning: 10:1 to 30:1 Routine work surface cleaning, floor cleaning, equipment cleaning, part preparation, etc.
Janitorial & Pressure Wash Cleaning: 20:1 to 60:1 Appliances, toilets, vehicle washing, vinyl upholstery, carpet cleaning, etc.
Glass Cleaning: 100:1 to 150:1 Windows, windshields, mirrors, etc.

CAUTION: CleanSafe can cause irritation to eyes and skin. Always wear protective equipment when using this product, including rubber or neoprene gloves and safety glasses with side shields or goggles. Keep off of clothing, skin, and shoes. Keep out of reach of children.

Ordering Information
For pricing, please contact the office at 608-819-8806.

 Product Code: CS100
 Quantity options (US) 5 gal. Pail, 55 gal. Drum, 275 gal. Tote, 5,000 gal. Bulk
 Quantity options (outside US) 205 L Drum, 1000 L Tote, Bulk tank truck (Canada only)
 Dye Yes
 Dye Options (Color) Blue or custom dye (by customer request)

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