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CleanSafe 40 Pre-Diluted Heavy-duty Cleaner & Degreaser
A Powerful Cleaner and Degreaser that Contains No Hazardous Ingredients

CleanSafe 40 is a ready-to-use version of the concentrated CleanSafe. It consists of 40 CleanSafe concentrate and 60% water. It is available in 275-gallon totes. It is recommended that customers purchase the ready-to-use version for situations where dilution of the concentrated product is not possible or where concentrate product may be wasted or not diluted properly. For more information please see the CleanSafe 100 page.

Ordering Information
For pricing, please contact the office at 608-819-8806.

 Product Code: CS40
 Quantity options (US) 275 gal. Tote
 Quantity options (outside US) 1000 L Tote
 Dye Yes
 Dye Options (Color) Blue or custom dye (by customer request)

SEE: Detailed use instructions for general locomotive cleaning.

Visit the demonstration page to see CleanSafe in action.

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