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CleanSafe C3 Concentrated Cleaner
A Powerful Green Cleaner & Degreaser for Industrial Applications

CleanSafe C3 Concentrate is probably the best heavy duty general purpose cleaner available on the market today. Most water-based heavy duty cleaners that work well are classified as hazardous due to their high pH, volatile organic content, hazardous material content or a combination of these undesirable properties. They are harmful to several common materials of construction or paint, and are dangerous to people handling them, and are harmful to the environment. Before CleanSafe C3, these types of cleaners were the only ones that could tackle the really tough cleaning jobs with the exception of very high-priced specialty products. CleanSafe C3 is not classified as hazardous, and contains no acids, caustics, terpenes or solvents, and is priced competitively.

CleanSafe C3 was developed initially to clean railroad locomotives in automatic washing facilities that allow less than two minutes for the cleaner to function before it is rinsed off. As you might imagine, locomotives are very difficult to clean. They are usually covered with grease, oil, road film, and soot. CleanSafe C3 removes all of these soils well without damaging the underlying paint. CleanSafe C3 handles these tough jobs and is people-friendly and environmentally-friendly. CleanSafe C3 is mildly alkaline as a concentrate, with a pH of 10.0-10.5, and pH’s at use strength in the 9-10 pH range. It is not aggressive toward human tissue, and contains no measurable volatile organic content (VOC) so it doesn't present a fume exposure problem when used for indoor cleaning. CleanSafe C3 is also compatible with most materials of construction including aluminum and all other common metals, glass, plastics, elastomers, fabric, etc. It is biodegradable and non-abrasive.

  • Removes exhaust stains and soot quickly without leaving shadow stains.

  • Dissolves road film.

  • Emulsifies oil and grease efficiently, then de-emulsifies in a relatively short period of time.

  • Exhibits excellent rinseability, and contains dispersing polymers to prevent redeposition of loosened soils.

  • Can be used effectively with hard water since it contains ingredients which tie up hardness compounds.

  • Contains no caustics, acids, solvents or terpenes.

  • Is not DOT or EPA regulated.

  • Is fast acting and penetrating, but contains no measurable VOCs.

  • Works well in spray on/off applications with little or no wiping, brushing or scraping (as on vehicles, walls, floors, etc.). It saves time due to its ability to act rapidly without physical assistance or many repeat applications.

CleanSafe C3-300 covers a wide range of applications. CleanSafe C3-300 super-concentrate can be diluted at one (1) part C3-300 to two (2) parts water to make a regular concentrate (C3-100), which is equivalent to most other heavy-duty cleaners on the market. The regular concentrate can be used at full strength to handle the most difficult cleaning jobs, such as locomotives, earth moving equipment, asphalt manufacturing/transport/application equipment, etc. For engine cleaning/degreasing, automotive parts washing, shop floor washing, and jobs of similar difficulty use water : regular concentrate dilutions of 3:1 to 10:1. Truck,bus, and automobile washing can be done at dilutions of 10:1 to 30:1. A more complete dilution chart is given on the back of this bulletin.

CleanSafe C3 is also self-demulsifying, a property which is important to the operation of waste water treatment plants and effluent oil/water separators. CleanSafe C3 quickly emulsifies oil and grease in the cleaning process. However, after C3 and the dirt are rinsed off a surface and the rinse liquids are allowed to remain relatively undisturbed for a few minutes, the oil/grease phase separates from the water phase, and the oil/grease floats to the top of the water phase. Most other strong cleaners create difficult-to-break emulsions that require the use of expensive demulsifiers to separate.

It is also important to note that CleanSafe C3-300 super concentrate has a pour point of 15°F, allowing more flexibility in terms of storage conditions.

Use Instructions and Cautions
CleanSafe C3 will not harm plastics, metals, painted surfaces, concrete, and other materials. However, always test on a small-unexposed area to confirm compatibility. Large surfaces are usually best cleaned by spraying on an even coating of CleanSafe C3, allowing it to soak in for 1-3 minutes and rinsing off with a pressurized water spray. For smaller surfaces, spray on CleanSafe C3 and remove with a sponge or a rag. CleanSafe C3 is a very versatile product. It is out-standing as a heavy-duty cleaner for locomotives, coal cars, trucks and automobiles. It will not dull paint or aluminum or damage glass, plastics or chrome. However, while CleanSafe is still effective if left to dry before rinsing, it is best not to leave it on surfaces for long periods before rinsing. For more detailed use instructions please see the CleanSafe use instruction bulletin available from Additive Technologies.

Dilution Guidelines for CleanSafe C3-300

WATER : CleanSafe C3-300
Dilution Product Use

None C3-300 Super concentrate: May be used at full strength, if necessary for super heavy cleaning
3:1 Regular concentrate (C3-100): Locomotive washing, earth moving equipment, coal-car cleaning, heavy
grease/oil removal

Dilution Use

3:1 to 10:1 General degreasing, parts washers, trucks/trailers, shop floors, shop walls, construction equipment
10:1 to 30:1 Truck, bus, automobile washing, routine surface cleaning, floor cleaning
20:1 to 40:1 Janitorial cleaning, appliances, counter tops

CAUTION: CleanSafe can cause irritation to eyes and skin. Always wear protective equipment when using this product, including rubber or neoprene gloves and safety glasses with side shields or goggles. Keep off of clothing, skin, and shoes. Keep out of reach of children.


Ordering Information
For pricing, please contact the office at 608-819-8806.

 Product Code: C3-300 (super-concentrate)
 Product Code: C3-100 (regular concentrate)
 Quantity options (US) 5 gal. Pail, 55 gal. Drum, 275 gal. Tote, 5,000 gal. Bulk
 Quantity options (outside US) 205 L Drum, 1000 L Tote, Bulk tank truck (Canada only)
 Dye Yes
 Dye Options (Color) Purple or custom dye (by customer request)