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Lococlean Heavy-duty Cleaner & Degreaser

Strong Enough to Clean a Locomotive or Degrease an Engine
Highly Effective Road Film and Soot Remover
Industrial Cleaner

LOCOCLEAN is our most powerful heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser. It removes oil and grease rapidly and thoroughly like CLEANSAFE and CLEANSAFE C3. The run-off from cleaning with Lococlean also self-demulsifies when left relatively undisturbed as in a water/oil separator or waste water treatment plant. Like CLEANSAFE C3, LOCOCLEAN specifically targets road film, but contains ingredients to remove more types of road film. LOCOCLEAN also targets removal of soot from locomotive and truck exhausts. LOCOCLEAN is an outstanding product for "touchless" automatic locomotive washing facilities, heavy equipment cleaning, parts washing, concrete floor cleaning and most tough cleaning jobs.

LOCOCLEAN contains no volatile organic compounds, so it has practically no odor, and is safe to use indoors our outside. LOCOCLEAN is an alkaline cleaner, but its pH is within the non-hazardous range as defined by DOT and OSHA. LOCOCLEAN is biodegradable and is not DOT regulated.


  • LOCOCLEAN is fast acting and penetrating.
  • LOCOCLEAN rapidly dissolves soot.
  • LOCOCLEAN dissolves and removes road film, then leaves a temporary layer helping prevent corrosion and minimizing dirt re-build-up.
  • LOCOCLEAN was developed for high capacity wash systems, but can be used for multiple cleaning purposes.
  • LOCOCLEAN contains no DOT- or EPA-regulated ingredients.
  • LOCOCLEAN contains no solvents, terpenes, d-limonene or acids.
  • LOCOCLEAN emulsifies oil and grease efficiently, then demulsifies in a relatively short period of time if allowed to stand undisturbed.
  • LOCOCLEAN is alkaline but its pH is within the non-hazardous range.


  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Removes exhaust stains, soot and road film quickly without leaving shadow stains.
  • Removes grease and oil with milder alkaline pH and without solvents, or any hazardous ingredients.
  • Excellent at cleaning oil, grease, grime, mold, etc. from concrete floors or walls without any damage.
  • Self-demulsifies in waste-water treatment facilities, reducing disposal and water treatment chemical costs.
  • Works well in both touchless automatic wash systems and spray on/off applications with little or no hand labor.
  • Contains no measurable volatile organic content (VOC), allowing it to be used safely indoors or outside.
  • Can be used in hard or soft water areas, and is effective in either.

LOCOCLEAN 100 is a CONCENTRATE and is often ordered where lower levels of dilution are required. This product is often used as is, for heavier uses like parts washing, pre-spotting, or as a vehicle engine degreaser. It is biodegradable and is not DOT regulated.

LOCOCLEAN 300 is a SUPER-CONCENTRATED product developed for high-speed, high capacity automatic washing facilities where the dwell time is limited and freeze protection is required. It can also be used in regular washing facilities, car/bus washes and other uses outlined in the bulletin. It is biodegradable and is not DOT regulated.

LOCOCLEAN 300 has all the qualities of the regular LOCOCLEAN 100 concentrate. LOCOCLEAN 300 can be diluted with water to reach the normal LOCOCLEAN 100 strength, which is comparable to other full-strength, heavy-duty cleaners on the market. The regular concentrate is then diluted based on end-use (see next page). To dilute the LOCOCLEAN 300 simply add water in the amount of 2 times the volume of LOCOCLEAN 300 you are diluting to reach the full-strength LOCOCLEAN concentration (2 parts water : 1 part C3-300).

Ordering Information
For pricing, please contact the office at 608-819-8806.

 Product Code: LOCOCLEAN 100
 Product Code: LOCOCLEAN 300
 Quantity options (US) 5 gal. Pail, 55 gal. Drum, 275 gal. Tote, 5,000 gal. Bulk
 Quantity options (outside US) 205 L Drum, 1000 L Tote, Bulk tank truck (Canada only)
 Dye Yes
 Dye Options (Color) Blue or custom dye (by customer request)































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