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Additive Technologies' CLEANSAFE products have been used by the Union Pacific Railroad system-wide for over 14 years. LOCOCLEAN is the latest addition for their new high-capacity wash systems. Both CLEANSAFE and LOCOCLEAN are used for general cleaning and degreasing of shop floors, etc. Since the UPRR switched to the Additive Technologies' product line, there has not been a lost-time injury. Our products have successfully passed all the testing that the UPRR requires: VOC, waste-water, paint damage testing and more.

Although the products are friendly to people, construction materials and the environment, they are tough on dirt and oil. Their superior effectiveness as cleaners is due in large part to its impressive versatility. The cleaners will remove both oil-soluble and water-soluble soils, including organic and inorganic matter, oil, grease, grime, soot, and exhaust stains, road film, and much more.

CleanSafe products are unique, multifunctional, and versatile water-based cleaners that get outstanding results on most types of tough cleaning jobs. CleanSafe is formulated with enough cleaning power to handle locomotives, coal hoppers, greasy engines and roundhouse floors, but is without the high alkaline or volatile organic content of popular national brands. Diluted, CleanSafe can handle most general cleaning and degreasing applications.

CleanSafe products do not contain acids, or volatile organic compounds such as d-limonene or terpenes and do not contain high levels of caustics. They are mild in terms of aggressiveness toward human tissue and have very low to no odors and minimal vaporization levels, reducing the problem of worker exposure to fumes. They are biodegradable and are not DOT regulated.

The CleanSafe formulations were developed as heavy-duty, but non-toxic, cleaners for the railroad industry. Locomotives are very difficult to clean and the railroads had not found a product that would satisfactorily clean them in brushless locomotive washing facilities and be environmentally safe. Additive Technologies' formula was sucessful at this task and won the Union Pacific Railroad contract over multiple other cleaning product companies.

For more information, please consult our individual product bulletins listed below, and safety data sheets.

Using a SDS to Compare Cleaning Products
Potential customers often have questions concerning how they can evaluate and compare cleaning products in terms of personnel safety, environmental friendliness and regulatory compliance issues. Much of the information needed to complete an initial screening is given in the product's MSDS, and the scanning of a few sections will give you the basics on the nature of the product. Select the above link to read more.

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CleanSafe 40 This product is a prediluted, ready-to-use version of CleanSafe 100. No further dilution is needed. It is often used where people may forget to dilute the product to the proper level. Companies often save money ordering this ready-to-use version where a standard dilution is required.
CleanSafe 100 The original heavy duty cleaner and degreaser developed for the Union Pacific Railroad for cleaning locomotive exteriors and engines. This is a concentrate, meaning that it is diluted with tap water for the final use. It is biodegradable and contains no ingredients regulated by DOT.
CleanSafe X278 This product is a super-concentrated version of CleanSafe 100. It is three times more concentrated. Dilution is required prior to use. The obvious use for this product is the savings in freight costs (less water is added prior to shipment). This product is also used in high-speed (high-dilution) automatic washing facilities. It is biodegradable and contains no ingredients regulated by DOT.

CleanSafe C3-100 A concentrated cleaner and degreaser. This product is often ordered where lower levels of dilution are required. It is also sometimes used as is, or as a ready-to-use product. It is biodegradable and is not DOT regulated.

CleanSafe C3-300 This super-concentrated CleanSafe C3 product was developed for high-speed, high capacity automatic washing facilities where the dwell time is limited, where a lowever alkaline pH is needed and where freeze protection is required. It can also be used in regular washing facilities, car/bus washes and other uses outlined in the bulletin.
LOCOCLEAN 100 Our newest development and most concentrated powerful cleaner yet. It combines the features of the CleanSafe line with new ingredients for even faster removal of road film, magnesium chloride and of course, grease, oil, dirt and grime. Primarily develoved for the high-capacity facilities, however, can be used in hand-washing applications with equal effectiveness. This cleaner also happens to be amazingly effective on concrete floors.
LOCOCLEAN 300 This super-concentrated product has the same features of Lococlean 100, however since it is a super-concentrate, freight savings are included. It can also be used as a pre-spotter or parts cleaner. It can be highly diluted and still be very effective (again a cost savings). Can be ordered in a standard pH range of 11.5-12.5 or with a higher pH for super heavy-duty cleaning applications (barges, oil tankers, etc.).

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